Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Every body wants kung fu fighting.......

....Ok. So it's not exactly kung fu, but hey, it's a damn catchy tune. The fantabulous Alyssa over at My Husband's Watching TV gave me this cute award. Alyssa is one of my bbff (that's blogging best friend forever, in case you are wondering). We met through another blog and found out that her friend is actually married to my ex husband!! Small world!

The rules are simple, write SIX things that you are a master at and then give this award to SIX people who are the Master of Friendship. So here goes, SIX things I'm a master at:

1.) Cooking- I like to think I am a master at cooking. I LOVE throwing together different ingredients to make something yummy and enjoyable for my family. I really love chopping. I don't use fancy gadgets are anything of the sort. Just give me my knife and I am good to go!

2.)Rationalizing- I can pretty much rationalize anything in my head. Let's take shopping for instance. Pretend I go to Fashion Bug and I see a sweater I MUST have. Being stingy, I will not pay full price for it. I go in and check every few weeks to see if it is still there. If it gets marked down low enough for my taste, then it must be destiny!!

3.)Driving my coworkers bonkers- I get up at 4:30 am to get ready for work. Needless to say, I need a little coffee to get me through the day. By little, of course I mean a whole pot. :o) Caffeine on top of my already nervous nature makes for a bouncy wreck. I love coming up with a play on words that's really cheesy or telling corny jokes. It drives my buddies at work cuckoo!!!

4.) Scrabble- I love Scrabble. It's my most fav game ever!!!! I have a hard time finding people to play me at home though because I kick their asses all the time. I'm not even really that good at it, just better than the other people I play. Suppose it's better for my self esteem. Hehehehehe.

5.)Purses- I love 'em!! I am really addicted to them. I've been a good girl and not purchased any for a while. Shoot the last two I got at garage sales only cost be a quarter each!! I love organizing them. I love getting fun eclectic purses that stand out. I love the plain old black or brown ones. I love them all!!!

6.)Starting projects and never finishing them- I have a garage FULL of furniture that needs some TLC. I haven't so much as looked at it. I got it here, but that's it. In all fairness, it's been too cold to paint and I am waaaaaaay too cheap to heat my garage. I'm itching for it to warm up so I can jump in. I suppose I should probably finish those coasters a started a month ago...................

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm in love with a

iPhone!!!!! I got mine nearly a month ago, and I am soooooo in lurve(as Angie K would say). I use this thing for EVERYTHING. I use it to count calories, play a silly game called Sneezies, listen to Pandora, make all sorts of lists and playing Words With Friends. I am addicted to the game! I have even set up a different account on my iPod Touch. So at any given time, I have 5 games going on each device. HEAVEN. Heaven I tell you. In case you are wondering, Words with Friends is Scrabble, but there is no time limit so in theory a game could take days. This is why you need to have more than one going. Don't want to get bored!!

My hubby made fun of me the other day. I was playing Words on both devices and crocheting. "Honey, you are the biggest nerd ever. I love you, but you're a nerd." :o) That's why he loves me though.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Giving Up

.....the satellite!!!!! The hubby and I came to a compromise. I've been begging, well nagging, him to get rid of the satellite. We hardly every used it. In two weeks, we turned it on one time. Definitely not worth paying $80 a month for. We have a Roku Box that we use for Netflix and a friend of mine set up a computer for us to use on our television. With this, we are able to watch Netflix and access Hulu. DirecTv who?

So my hubby tells me he we will make a deal with me. We can get rid of the satellite if he can get a Play Station 3 and a game. HELL NO!! I know that he will play it for a week and be over it. Then he tells me about the BluRay player. Hey knucklehead, that does us no good. We have a regular tube television. He proceeds to throw a fit. He tells me that we won't get rid the satellite. Fine. I really don't care. You're the one who brought it up. Get over it.

A couple hours later, he comes up with a new proposition. We can get rid of the satellite if we buy a new television. Hmmmmm.....my interest is peaked. I know what you're thinking. Isn't it silly to get rid of the satellite and get a brand new tv? Well, it would be, but our television is a few years old. The picture on it is definitely not as crisp as it had been. We had trouble seeing the text on it when we were running the computer. AND the television will be "paid for" in just a few months because we won't be making satellite payments. I'm sold.

We didn't go crazy and get a monster sized television. It's 37". It's perfect for our little family room. I love it. It is sooooooo nice to be able to read the text on the screen now!!