Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well, that's just shitty.

It was. Really shitty. REALLY, REALLY shitty. And it was EVERYWHERE. Crash has a had a little bit of a tummy virus. It caused him to vomit a couple of times and he had just a few runny bowel movements. I was by no means concerned. He was not dehydrated. He's good.

This morning I woke up and did my normal routine. A couple of minutes before I leave, I go up and grab Crash to take him to work with my. I bundle him up and off we go. Normally. I heard him at the top of the stairs crying. Crud. He's in a bad mood. I run up to get him and head out. I can smell that he pooed. Ok, I will just hurry up and change him. A couple of minutes isn't going to hurt me. I will still make it in time to open the day care. I pick him up and I immediately feel something warm. Crud. His diaper leaked. Pee every where. I go downstairs and lie him down. This is when I see it is NOT urine. It's shit. Crap. I run upstairs to grab him another outfit. I decide to look in my room to see if there was any leakage onto my bed because that's where he was sleeping. Yep. There's shit in my bed. And on my hubby's pillow. And on the carpet. And in the hall. Crap. I grab all of the dirty linens. I'm thinking I can toss most of them in the wash and still make it for work.

I run to change Crash. I'm trying to wipe up the poo but it just spreads. Crap. The diaper was so full it leaked all over the floor. It was in the blanket he had wrapped around himself. He had poop all over him. Crap. Panic mode sets in. There is NO way I am going to clean all of this up and make it to the day care on time. I immediately freak, but I'm neurotic. Well, I can't just leave all this shit every where. Ew. Time to call L and beg her to open for me because of the shit bomb that went off at my house. She said she would. God bless her. She managed to get herself and her three boys there in 20 minutes. She's my hero.

Back to poo poo head. I take the rest of his clothes off and tell him he is going to have to take a bath. "I don't want a bath. I don't want a bath." Weeeeeeel, you don't have a choice buddy. You have poop on your head. I give him a good scrub down, dry him off and get him dressed. I put him on the couch to just chill while I try to bust ass cleaning up the rest of the shit. I grabbed the closest cleaner and spray disinfectant and went to town. That's all finished. I look at myself. Yep. More crap. So I have to clean off again and try to find another pair of pants. I only have on pair of work pants because I'm too fat for the rest. Lol. I found some that didn't have a button, so I threw on a belt to help keep them closed. And with that, I am finally out the door.

Yes, I cried. I lot. Not because of the mess, but because of the headache it caused. I felt horrible. L was cool though. She told me to chill out and quit worrying. Lol. I did at about 2 pm. :o)

I hope I don't have another shitty day for a while.


Angie said...

That REALLY sucks girl, but at least this shittay day is over :)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Eww! That is totally crappy (no pun intended). I hope little Crash gets to feeling better soon and thank God for good people like L.

Coree said...

Oh wow, I am sorry to hear about the start of you day. It can only get better!