Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Totally Random Tuesday

-- In regards to my last post, nothing in particular triggered me to write it. The post was a long time in the making. I've had those feelings held in my for quite some time, and I was ready to get them out.

-- Thank you so much for your support and kind words. I really appreciate it.

-- I am dead tired. We spent the weekend in Illinois with my sister and her family. We left Sunday morning at 2 after we got back to her place from the bar. (Don't worry. My hubby and I didn't drink.) We had to leave because a snow storm came in early. We couldn't get stuck up north. My little bro had to work Sunday night. So, D drove a third of the way and got us out of the snow. I took the wheel and drove the rest. We picked the kiddos up at 7 am and then headed home. I drove again. I tried napping but Crash would have none of it.

-- I'm still catching up on sleep. I haven't even slept in my bed since last Thursday. I fall asleep on the couch and that's it for me. I wake up a million times, but I know I am way too tired to even attempt to carry Crash to bed.

-- The flu bug hit our house hard. Crash had it a couple of weeks ago. He finally kicked the lingering bits of it. My hubby was stricken Sunday. Grace and Tater caught in Sunday night.

-- Because of said flu bug, I have been doing ridiculous amounts of laundry and scrubbing everything.

-- A preschool in our area closed and we took in a lot of their kids. I have been bumped back up to full time hours!!! We are so relieved!!

-- Crash has been moved out of my class. My boss finally took notice that my son does not behave for me at all and she decided to move him up. He was not pleased at first, but he did great the second part of the day. We have a policy about staff kids not being in their mom's class, but we had no where to put him. He is the youngest in his class and he will be in that class for a while, but I think it will be better for the both of us.

-- We are looking at refinancing our home. We want to see if we can get a better rate and knock down some of the PMI. I'm not going to hold my breath.

-- We finally got our Roku box and Netflix. LOVES IT!!! We haven't even watched the satellite since we got it. I think it's time to kick DirecTv to the curb.

-- I am soooooo tired of watching Monsters Inc. It was good the first 20 million times. I'm so over it now.

-- I got back into crocheting!! I am so excited. My mom came down to give me a refresher course. I am working on a blanket right now. Hopefully, I actually finish it.

-- I apologize for not commenting on blogs. I swear I am reading them. I feel awful when I don't comment, but I've been too tired to actually sit at the computer and write. I check up on all of you on my iPhone. I like to see how all my bloggy friends are doing! I love you all so much!!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Hope every starts feeling better at your house! Can't wait to see what you crochet.

my4angels said...

We love you too! I hope everyone gets better! I know how you feel....every single person in this house had the flu! Within a 2 week period everybody had it! I'm glad its over with!

Stephany said...

Ugh, Monsters Inc. I'm so over that movie, too. Anytime we have a rainy day at my work (I work at a preschool), we pop in that movie. Blech!