Friday, February 12, 2010

One of Those Days

You know you've had one. The kind of day that just starts off on the wrong note and seems to go downhill from there. I had one of those days today. It's coming to an end, finally.

It all began when I realized I was out of creamer for my coffee. I know I could use milk, but it really just isn't the same. I would be greatly disappointed if I had done that any how. So, no cup of coffee to get me going. Bummer.

I pile all of the kids into the van and off to work we go. Yes, it is a blast getting three kids ready to leave the house at 5:15 a.m. Too much fun. We get a mile from the house and I realize I forgot my coat. Suck. This normally wouldn't be a big deal but for the fact we had a van run to do at work. The van does not have a properly working heater. Sweet. I also had to walk the other group of kids to the bus stop. Perfect.

In the midst of all my freezing, a Face Book update arrives on my phone. It's from my mom. The last of our childhood pets passed away some time during the night. Crap. Let me give you a little back story on our pooch, Muffy. We first met Muffy at the park on a Saturday. It just happened to be the birthday of my grandma who passed away some years ago. My mom was FURIOUS with us for playing with a stray. Guess she thought we would get fleas. Or rabies. The next day, my brothers and I were playing outside. Would you believe what we saw walking up to our backyard? The same dog from the park. Now, we lived a couple of miles from the park. We knew it was the same dog because she had a little gray patch on the top of her head. We just KNEW this dog was meant to be ours. Long story cut shorter: we kept her. She had a great life and was one of the best dogs ever. She loved babies and watched over all of the grandchildren. Muffy passed away February 11 or 12. How is this for freaky? My grandma passed away on February 10. No joke. I know it sounds weird, but we sort of believed this dog was sent to us. It was like grandma watching over us. I know it sounds silly, but those are two really big coincidences.

So, now I'm bummed. Poor Muffster is gone. Crap. I'm going to have to tell my kids. They adored Muffy. They were heartbroken. Grace cried and Tater nearly cried. I felt awful. I didn't say anything to Crash because he won't understand. He is going to have a hard time because he used to go to my parents' house and curl up in the dog bed with Muffy. :o(

This is all before 8:00 a.m. Next up: girl who is potty training poops in her pull up. Not a huge deal until I realize she stuck her hand in it and wiped it on her pants. Eff me. I change her and clean her up nicely. Icky. I promptly send her to the bathroom. A few minutes after visiting the pisser, she pisses. In her pants. Double eff me. Sooooooo, I change her again.

In walks my hubs. He wanted to cheer me up so he brought me a cookies and cream cappuccino and chocolate!
I told him that I was thinking about maybe leaving work early. He mad a sad face. I asked why. He likes to "jam". Jam as in playing the guitar at really annoying levels not as in jelly. Ok, that's fine. We could really use the money any way.

After we get the kids onto their cots, the UPS man arrived with this:

Tulips!! There was also a small box of Russell Stover Chocolates, but those disappeared. Into my belly. Here is the note that accompanied it:
"Happy Valentines Day! You know that I think flowers are a waste of money, but the smile on your face and the tears in your eyes are priceless. I love you always and forever.....Your husband, Danny" :o)
I was smiling and crying. Hehehehehe.

After I received my flowers, I headed home. D was still awake by the time we made it here. Crash and I went upstairs to visit. On the table was a gift bag with a cute little pink bear sticking out the top. :o) Giggles and squeals. This is what he got me:

(Sorry. Too lazy to rotate it.)

I'm getting a mini spa day!!! I am sooooo excited. I've never had a manicure, pedicure or facial. I'm so pumped. He is so sweet. After a really shitty day, it was nice to get my Valentine's presents early. He definitely made my day. I'm a lucky lady.

The afternoon had one other down point. I went shopping with Crash. We hit the second store and he started spewing. Ugh. Luckily, I brought his blanket in with us for some reason other wise he would have made a huge mess. I cut the shopping adventure short and returned home. I felt it was perfectly ok to go ahead and order pizza for dinner. I can justify ANYTHING. The bright spot is that Crash hasn't gotten sick and seems to be fine. Could have been the hiccups I suppose. We shall attempt shopping again in the morning. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

So sorry about your puppy Cece but what a great husband to make up for it! I need Matt to read blogs so he can figure out how to be a better hub!

Angie said...

Aw, what a sweet hubs! Your pix aren't showing up tho, and I wanna see what he got you!
How gross that she stuck her hands in her poopies! NASTEH!!!! I'm SO not looking forward to that!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.