Friday, December 4, 2009

Frugal Friday Tip

Scale back your cable/satellite service

Yes, it may be very nice to have EVERY single channel known to man, but how often are you really using it? We cut our movie channels a while ago. It seemed like there was never anything on we wanted to watch so we decided to save ourselves $12/month. I'm trying to convince my hubby to get rid of the dish all together. All we watch is the news and sports. We can get the news on satellite radio and we can find several places on line that offer deals for watching sports on your computer. If we did this, we would save a bunch more money. I don't think I will win this battle though. :o)


Coree said...

I hear you on this post!

Right now we have cable, internet and phone with Charter and our bill is $185 a month! That's insane! We don't even use the phone, but they said it would be cheaper with a bundle. My hubby loves the show Dexter on Showtime and it has two more episodes left this season. Once this season is over, I am cancelling the premium channels and the phone. We need to start saving $$.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Great idea! We totally need to do that. Thanks for the tip Cece!

Katie said...

This is a great idea. Unfortunately, we have the minimum package (which is still a lot of channels) and nothing to watch on tv. Maybe we should get rid of it completely.

Angie said...

We cut down drastically on our cable too. Seriously, who needs 5,000 channels? But we did get conned into a 6 month trial offer of the stars package, which of course i have the deadline in my phone to call and cancel it LOL and with it we've had some free weekends of HBO and stuff. i do miss some of the shows but in the end, saving money is worth it.