Saturday, October 3, 2009

October Menu Plan

I plan my dinners a month at a time. I do this because I'm a control freak and love lists. :) It also allows me to really stick to my budget. I can do several cheap meals and then splurge on a bigger one. I do one big shopping trip at the beginning of the month. I have to make a couple of smaller trips through out the month for milk, bread, produce, etc.
Now even though I am a control freak, I do allow for flexibility. Let's say I am short on time. The menu says that we are supposed to have meatloaf. I will look ahead to something that is prepared in less time (tacos, salad) and just swap the days. No biggie.
Here is the menu for October. I already had to change a day because I didn't go shopping. I felt a nap was much more important at the time. :)

1- Stuffed Chicken (Changed to grilled cheese)
2- Pasta with meat sauce and salad
3- Grilled chicken salad
4- Lasagna
5- Baked or grilled chicken
6- Turkey sloppy joes
7- Waffles
8- Chicken Parmesan
9- Leftovers
10- Chef Salad
11- Burgers
12- Baked or grilled chicken
13- Breakfast sandwiches
14- Waffles
15- Oven "fried" chicken "nuggets"
16- Left overs
17- Grilled Chicken Salad
18- Chicken Fried Rice and wantons
19- Baked or grilled chicken
20- Hot dogs
21- Waffles
22- Grilled chicken soft tacos
23- Left overs
24- Taco Salad
25- Brunch
26- Baked or grilled chicken
27- Tuna sandwiches
28- Waffles
29- Tacos
30- Left overs
31- TBD (We may be having friends over. If not, I will be able to come up with something.)

I always have salad and veggies on hand for side dishes. The same goes for rice, pasta and taters. Wednesday is Waffle Wednesday because waffles are just awesome.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Man, we're lucky if we plan a day ahead of time! It's 8:30pm right now and we just popped a frozen pizza in the microwave!

Angie said...

LOL no kidding - you rock Cece! I just keep a lot of boxed dinners on hand LOL