Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great weekend.

Last weekend was a blast. Saturday was pretty busy for us. First, we had Tater's game of course. After that, we headed up to Home Depot for their Kid's Workshop. The kids made firehouse banks. They each got a cute Home Depot apron too. My parents tagged along. I am so glad they came to help out so that I could get some photos.

Crash is watching Smokey the Bear. He was scary!

Big Poppa helping Tater. I would have been scared.

Big Grandma helping Grace even though she really didn't need help (so she says).

Crash is supervising.

Crash's favorite part. He loves to hit stuff.

The kiddos with their banks.

The kids had a blast making their banks. I just want to note that it took 5 shots to get this picture. It is soooo hard to get kids to focus at the same time.

Because it was Fire Safety Week, there were several local fire departments there. Air Evac even landed in the parking lot. It was pretty cool!

Air Evac coming in for a landing.

Ameren U.E. was also there. The kids got to operate the boom.

Big Grandma trying to get Crash to look forward. There was just too much going on!

Grace and Crash in the chopper. Tater didn't want to get in for some reason.

After we finished up at Home Depot, we ran home to get the kiddos some grub. My hubby was tired since he had been up working all night, so he finally went to sleep. The kids and I headed to the park to help Tater with a project for school.

Grace being such a good helper.

He's plotting to take over the world.

I'm the king of this park!!!!

He was pointing and yelling at the tree. I'm not really sure why. LOL. It was pretty funny though. We cut the trip short because a couple of kids were bugging Grace. Apparently, a little boy had a crush on her and was having his friend/sister ask Grace questions. I think Grace was put off by the boy's extremely long hair. Seriously. It was longer than Grace's. LOL. I will enjoy this time because I know soon enough, my daughter is probably going to be boy crazy. Eek!!


Angie said...

Awww, those pics are awesome, had no idea it was such a big event!! Aubrey better not become boy crazy too soon - lets not push our alcoholic idea to an earlier age LOL

Katie said...

Those Home Depot workshops are pretty cool! How cute they are!