Friday, October 30, 2009

Frugal Friday Tip

Just wanted to make you aware that I am posting this at 4 in the morning. :o) I promised two tips today because I ran out of time last week. Well, I was called into work today. :o(

Tip 1: Make a grocery list and STICK to it. I never make a trip to the store without my list. I even go so far as to put the list in order as the items appear in the store. (I know. It's a little OCD.) Many times we will be cruising aisles and see items that we want and do not necessarily need. Try to stay away from these last minute purchases and keep a little extra money in your wallet.

Tip 2: Stockpile when prices are low. If you come across deals that are just too good, stock up on those items. Peanut butter has a quite a long shelf life. I was able to stock up on Skippy at just over a dollar a jar. You can't buy peanut butter at Aldi for that cheap. This applies for many items: shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. Just use your imagination.

Have a great Friday!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I make a list but Matt never sticks to it! I sent him to the grocery store the past two weeks with a list and he's coming home with pomegranates and brownsauger...some gross meat thing. He's crazy!

Coree said...

I NEVER make a list and that is bad! For instance, last night the hubs and I went grocery shopping hungry (which is horrible also). Anyways, we filled our cart with tons of stuff and then when we checked out and it was way more than expected. I told him 3 things:

1) We need to start clipping coupons
2) We need to make lists
3) Never go grocery shopping hungry! You buy stuff on the impulse when you are hungry.

Thanks for the post! It's a good reminder!