Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Etsy is going to get me in trouble.

Have you heard of Etsy? If not, you are missing out. Etsy is the home for all things homemade and handcrafted. Seriously, if you need something unique, there is a good chance Etsy will have it. I was looking around the other day when Tater was home from school sick. I found so many things that I am in love with.
I found some blankets that I may get Crash. He is crazy in love with frogs right now. He is still using his snuggly blankie we got him when he was born. I figure it's time to step up to a big boy blanket, and frogs seem like the perfect choice. I am going to get him a flannel or fleece one this year. Next year, I have plans to make quilts for all three of the kiddos. Yeah, I just may be crazy. I think the blankets were $15 and under which isn't a terrible price.

My favorite blankets are number 1 and number 2. 3 just doesn't seem as exciting to me.

My next search was for reusable lunch sacks that are washable. My kids take their lunches to school. To be "green", we use containers instead of baggies. They complain that the containers can take up too much room. Here are a couple of sacks I found. I'm not crazy about the fabrics. These sacks range anywhere from $2-$6 each.

I did, however, get the crazy idea to see if I could find a pattern to make my own. Wouldn't ya know? I did! So, I will be making some sacks for the kiddos in the near future. The best part is that I can get fabrics they each will love.

Grace is getting a Nintendo DS for Christmas. She received one a few years ago, but Crash decided to rip it in half recently. I wanted to get her something cute and different to carry her DS and some games. All of these are $12 and under.

I think number 1 is definitely my favorite. I'm not too keen on the fabrics, but Grace would like it. I love that it has a little handle on it and looks like a little purse.

A while ago, I saw someone post something on a forum about cute covers for straps for the digital SLR. Ummmm....hello! I need one! What a great idea! I can't remember the prices on these, but they were very inexpensive.

The first and last ones are my fav. I was also able to find patterns to make the covers. It doesn't seem to difficult either. I am definitely going to give it a whirl. I'm not the most talented with a sewing machine. If I screw up I have two options, buy it from Etsy or ask my mommy to make them for me. :o) She works wonders with a sewing machine.

What are your favorite Etsy finds?