Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crash crashed twice.

Sorta. Last Thursday night, Crash took a spill at Tater's practice. He was throwing something away for Little Papa. On his way back, he tripped (nothing new) and hit his head on the concrete base of the dug out. Little Papa beat me to him. Of course, head wounds bleed. A lot. With the help of another parent, Little Papa, Little Grandma and Grace, we were able to get the bleeding to stop. Little Papa ran to Walgreen's to get some butterfly closures. I have taken Tater to urgent care in the past for a cut to the back of his head. I learned from that experience to give it a little time to see if it will stop bleeding and stay closed. So, we bandaged him up and went home. Three hours later he snuggled his head into the couch to go to sleep and instantly split the cuts back open. Ugh. Crash and I headed to the emergency room. (Ironically, last month I just paid off the bill for the last e.r. visit. LOL.) As we waited he would snuggle against me and kept opening the wounds. The doc finally came in and said he would definitely need some glue on both of the cuts.

Just after receiving the glue.

The doc did a very good job of getting the cuts closed. He shouldn't have much scarring.

The next Sunday, we had my bro and his family over for a visit. Crash comes out of his room crying. Ugh. I run to him and see his hands and mouth covered in blood. REALLY?!?!?! He some how managed to bite his tongue. I immediately thought that we should probably have signed up for the better insurance plan. LOL. The bleeding stopped pretty quickly. We gave him a popsicle and some ibuprofen to help with the pain. I took some photos the next night.

You can see on the right side how swollen his tongue was.

He enjoyed sticking his tongue out at mommy.

Yep, he still had food on his face. I usually put him right in the tub after dinner. Luckily, his tongue healed up quickly without any infections. Thank goodness!!

These recent accidents have not tamed him any. He still has NO fear of anything. Sigh. Boys will be boys.