Saturday, August 8, 2009

Salsa's in Crystal City

Yesterday, we decided to take the kiddos out to eat. It was six million degrees outside. We have a very tiny a/c unit that has trouble keeping the living room cool during these hot summer days. We hang out in the family room downstairs to stay cool. Cooking usually increases that temp by quite a bit, so I try to avoid it. I don't like sweating while I'm cooking. Ugh. Plus, we had a little extra cash since my hubby sold a motor. We decided to try Salsa's in Crystal City. We all love Mexican food and I had a coupon. :)

The restaurant was dead. There were literally two other groups in the place. To me, this is usually a bad sign. I was a little apprehensive. We were seated and they brought us salsa and chips. They also brought a dish of pico de gallo! YUMMO! I love pico. The salsa was pretty good. It's not nearly as tasty as Las Palma's, but it was much better than La Pachanga. Hubs and I liked the pico. I would have loved it if it had more cilantro.

Hubby ordered a pick three: beef enchilada, chicken chimichanga and chili relleno. Rice and beans accompany the meal. He liked all of it. He reluctantly let me have a bit of each, and it was all delsh.
I ordered a pick three also: chicken taquito, beef burrito and beef taco. The taquito was very good and unusual. It was sweet and spicy, but it worked for me. The burrito was ok. I mean, it's a burrito. I took the taco home and ate it later. It was tasty too.
Tater and Grace ordered the kids quesadilla and chicken fingers. They are so boring. Crash snacked on everyone else's meals. Hubby was feeling nice and let them order sodas which we usually don't do.
The total bill with the coupon was $23 and some change. It would have been under $20 without the sodas, but oh well. We will definitely be going back.

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My Husband's Watching TV... said...

That's good for four people! It's usually 20 bucks for just Matt and I at El Maguey but then again, my husband always tends to find the most expensive thing on the menu.