Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kmart Doubles

The next Kmart Super Doubles is 8/30. The Crystal City store and the South County store both participate.

The Rules:
- limit 10 coupons doubled per person (I believe the ad even states this is per day.)
- you must have a total of $25 before coupons of health/beauty and grocery
- limit 4 like coupons per transaction (So you can't clear the shelves in one swoop)
- Any coupon up to $2.00 will double
- You cannot get overage. If you have a coupon for $2.00 and the item is $3.94, the register will take off $2.00 and then $1.94.
- By one get one free coupons are not included*
- printable internet coupons are accepted

Helpful tips:
- Try to stay away from the multiple coupons, $1.00 off 2 etc. These do not automatically subtract the proper amount. A prompt comes up on the register for the cashier to select the products. If the cashier only selects one, then you will not get the full benefit. It's kind of a hastle.
-$25 isn't really hard to get to.
- You don't have to use the doubles to just get free stuff. You can also get good deals on things that you use. I take this time to get Pull Ups for Crash. They are $9.99 a pack. I am able to get them for $5.99 a pack.
- Make sure the coupons are applied to the right product or you will not get the maximum value. To avoid this the best I can, I only get the same flavors, scents, colors, etc.
- You can lower your out of pocket by going here for a $5 off $50 coupon. You can also sign up here to sign up for their emails and receive a $5 off $50 coupon. I never received any of mine, so good luck.
- Check out the Kmart Monthly Circular. When you buy participating products, you receive a coupon to use on your next purchase. Plus, you can plan ahead for your deals.
- Kmart has a coupon book at many of their check outs and customer service desks. I am not positive if these coupons double or not. I believe they do.

My Must Have Items:
Vaseline Lotion $3.00- use $1.50 off = free
Skintimate Cream Shave or Gel, travel size $1.89- use $1.00 off = free
Cutter Insect Repellent $5.39- use $2.00 off (not free but we use a TON of bug spray) = $1.39
Tag Body Spray $3.50- use $2.00 off = free
Pond's facial cleaning towelettes, 15 count $3.00- use $1.25 off = $.50 each
Visine A.C. and for contacts, .5 ounce $3.99- use $2.00 off = free
Bengay $4.99- use $2.00 off = $.99 each
Salley Hansen nail color $2.99- use $1.00 off = $.99 each
Reach Floss $1.69-$2.69 - use $1.00 off = free or $.69 each
Reach Toothbrushes $3.69-$4.19 - use $2.00 off = free or $.19 for a two pack
Starbucks Frappuccino $2.00 - use $1.00 off = free
LaCross beauty products $1.49 up to $2.00 - use $1.00 off = free
Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets $5.50 - use $1.00 off = $3.50 each (I will buy three and get a $5 coupon back. I will also use a store coupon with this to lower the out of pocket. These are my splurge items.)

Some others to check out. I don't have the prices for these but I hear they are decent deals:
Playtex Rubber Gloves
Ziploc Bags
Nice N Fluffy
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Snickers, Twix, Three Musketeers
Airwick Adjustables

I think that is all. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave me a comment.


Katie said...

You are a crazy good shopper! How on earth do you find the time to get these deals? I can't wait!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I'm with did you get the inside scoop? Thanks for sharing though!