Monday, August 10, 2009

I need to vent.

Today has been a frustrating day. Nothing too extreme happened, just a lot of little things that are adding up quickly. I will just list them quickly.

-- Hubby is perpetually cranky because of his job. I am trying my hardest to be sympathetic, but I just can't handle everything being my fault anymore.
-- The older two kids are getting to the phase where they fight. About everything.
-- There aren't enough hours in the day.
-- Got stuck in traffic this morning. 5:30 a.m. Yep, still not sure why, but it sucked.
-- Poured down rain when I ran in to get my quarter coffee.
-- Spilled said coffee in gas station and felt like a complete idiot.
--Got to work only for the rain to start falling harder. Froze in the building because I was soaked to the bone.
-- Got a huge blister on my toe. Not sure how that happened. I have had these shoes for a while now. Guess from being wet.
-- Came home from work to immediately jump into housework that could have been done while I was at work.
-- Had to switch the car seat to the other vehicle because apparently my hubby doesn't know how to take his vehicle for an oil change. The kids were really happy about sitting in a hot car.
-- Put the car seat BACK into my vehicle so I wouldn't have to do it at 5 a.m. tomorrow.
-- Got in trouble for not buying salsa even though I haven't been to the grocery store.
-- Probably need a new tire for hubby's vehicle.
-- Definitely need new tires on my vehicle.
-- Most likely will be receiving a pay cut. Not sure how much. 5-10% is the best guess. I have worked there for 4 and a half years and had ONE raise. Yep. That's right. No benefits other than childcare. We don't make much at all. Just a little above minimum wage.
-- Got in trouble for NOT putting gas in hubby's vehicle even though I DID manage to get the oil changed for him.
-- I was also the one who changed the oil last time in his vehicle.
-- Crash was tired and cranky at 6.
-- It's 10:30 and Crash is STILL not asleep.
-- The Cards did NOT score 6 runs again, so I am pretty much screwed tomorrow with no quarter coffee.
-- Feeling like I pretty much suck at life in general right now.

I know things really aren't that bad. I'm just having a difficult day. I'm exhausted, so that really doesn't help my state of mind either. Hopefully, crash will go to bed sometime this evening. Thanks for letting me whine and cry. I don't feel better, but I will soon.

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Angie said...

Aw I'm sorry girl. I had a bad day today too. My hubs is happy about the fact that I'm prego but it's also alot of pressure on both of us, and we're both kind of freaking out. Some days just suck and I'm sorry you had a horrible day. Hopefully tomorrow will be betta.