Friday, July 24, 2009

:) This is cute.

I was listening to the MJ Morning Show this morning on z107.7. MJ talked about a wedding video on YouTube that is becoming a big hit. I decided to check it out. I had already doomed it in my mind and decided it was going to stink. I just watched it. It made me smile. LOL. Go here and watch it yourself. Some of the bridal party was really into it! I bet their reception was a blast!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Too funny! Our wedding party would have NEVER done that...we couldn't even get them to help decorate! Thanks for the laugh!

Coree said...

I watched it yesterday and I LOVED it! It totally made me smile. A lot of people wouldn't think it's appropriate, but I say if your church allows it, then go for it! People will remember that wedding for the rest of their life.

N. said...


I have been seeing those all over people's blogs, Facebook, etc. It always amazes me how quickly these things spread!


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