Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello! I am here!

Sorry I have been MIA. I've been lazy. I'm not even going to lie. I just didn't feel like blogging. Of course, I severe case of writer's block also helped in that. Crash caught a virus, and I had to spend time with his cranky booty. LOL. Boys are the worst when they are sick. Such babies!! I have also been enjoying time with my family. The weather has actually been nice, so the kiddos and I spend a lot of time playing in the yard.
I will leave you with some lines from Grace. We were at the Salvation Army and they have a sign posted about senior discounts. "Hey Mom, you can get the discount." She smiles at me like she's a riot.
Earlier this week, Grace wanted to make Kool-Aid. I told her to read the instructions on the package and call me if she had problems. I call her back because it's not like her to NOT have a question. "I'm confused. It says one cup of sugar, but do they mean a small cup or a big cup." Yep, she's a blond. I love her though. LOL.

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