Saturday, May 23, 2009

A trip to papa's

After we picked the kiddos up from my parents, we decided to pester my father-in-law, I mean visit him. :) My FIL is such a sweet guy. He has the biggest heart and boy, does he love his grand kids. The kids all have a great time when we go over. He was getting ready to cut the grass when we arrived. Of course, my hubby needed to get on the lawn mower. It was calling his name. Naturally, the children wanted to go for a ride. Good thing D is a tall man so that he could hold the kiddos and wrap his arms around them. He drove very slowly. He knew I would flip out.

D, Crash and Grace

D, Tater and Crash



My FIL helped D clean the fish. D isn't very good at filleting. When D is left alone with the fish, we end up with fish nuggets. Now, fish nuggets aren't necessarily bad, but a lot of the meat gets left behind. I love to tease him about this. Hehehehe.
My FIL smoked a bunch of meat that morning. He was kind enough to feed us his yummy food. I LOVE barbecue. Yum! He also gave us some brats and jalapeno sausage from a meat market in Swiss, MO. This stuff is FANTASTIC. So delish. We headed home after we stuffed our faces. It was a great visit at Papa T's.

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My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Sounds like fun!!! Dads are the best!