Saturday, May 23, 2009

A nice relaxing Sunday evening....sort of.

We arrived home from my FIL's house and the kids wanted to play outside. Okey dokey. No problem. It is beautiful. I go out back with Crash to keep an eye on him. The older two are bouncing from front yard to back with a couple of their friends. They were all having a great time.

Lady running like a crazy girl

Crash and his beloved football

Tater rocking out

Crash and Lady waiting to escape the prison known as the backyard.

While we were having a great time, D was slaving away in the kitchen. Boy was that a change of pace. LOL. I also got into a fight with another parent. Hooray. I HATE confrontation. I avoid it at all costs. Let me start with a little background info. Two brother's live down the street, 6 and 9 years old. The older boy is in Grace's class. These boys cause a lot of problems. I won't go into detail, but I told my children I really don't want them up here playing anymore. These boys got into trouble last week because they were picking on Tater's friend. His mom told them she didn't want them up here any more.
On to the good part. The younger boy comes up and asks if the kids can play. Grace says she doesn't want to. He asks me where Tater is. I told him I wasn't sure which yard he was in. He finds Tater and his friend T in back and comes back to the front of the house. He's pouting and has an attitude. He was upset because Tater didn't want to play because T was over. T and the troublemaker cannot play together. I told him thats too bad. He snaps at me and says that T should have to go home. Huh? I tell the boy he is being rude and that is not nice to say. Next, he snaps at my daughter and her friend. I tell him the same thing I just said. He walks over to my fence and climbs on it. He is now leaning on the fence on his stomach. I shout at him to please get down I don't want him to get hurt. I only shouted because I was a good 50 feet from him and I really didn't want him to injure himself.
The boy finally goes home after throwing another fit. We all go back to the backyard. I look over to see the trouble maker and his mommy. Ugh. Seriously? Here's how the convo went:
Mommy: Can I speak with you?
Me: Yep.
Mommy: I am _______. I am _______'s mother. Are you Grace's mom?
I am thinking to myself, "Hello. You already know who I am. We've met before. Dummie."
Me: Yep
Mommy: I just wanted to know what's going on.
Me: I don't know exactly what was said between the boys, but Trouble was upset because T was here playing. Apparently, there was an issue recently and his mother asked that they not play together. I have NOTHING to do with that and don't know the full story. Trouble yelled at me that T should have to go home.
I go through the same talk I just did with Trouble.
Me: I don't know what I'm supposed to do to rectify the situation. I don't think it's fair to send T home.
Mommy: Oh no, I wouldn't expect that.
Mommy: I just wanted to know why you were yelling at my son.
Hold up the gravy train!! Really?? You could hear me six houses down?? Funny. Trouble couldn't hear me and he was 50 feet away.
Me: I didn't yell at him like you think. I raised my voice to tell him to get off my fence so he wouldn't hurt himself.
Mommy: YOU obviously have an attitude problem.
Me: You are the one who came up here. If you have a problem, the get off my property now.
Mommy: You are immature and rude.
She yells this a couple times.
Me: Ok. bye!

I was glad I kept my cool in front of all the kiddos. I went in the house for a minute to let it fly. LOL. I was heated. D yelled at me because she was STILL in our front yard. I really didn't care. It's MY yard. Trouble was throwing a fit because he didn't want to go home. The kid ended up coming back up to tell my children that his mom called their mom the B cuss word. Grace was livid. "You are not that word or immature," she said. LOL. "I know sweetie. If she feels better about calling me names, then let her. We know it is not nice that's why I didn't call her any names." After that little incident, we finally got to sit down and enjoy the yummy fish we caught that morning. Sweet!!


Katie said...

Wow, those are things I am not looking forward to! You did the right thing though!

Mary said...

Wow. It must be so hard dealing with neighborhood dynamics like that. The kids want to play together, but some of the parents have major issues. Well, ONE of the parents, that is! It sounds like you handled it really well though.