Friday, May 1, 2009

Much Needed Hair Cut

Way back in November I got my hair cut. It was awful. I regretted getting it cut. The woman did a terrible job. I told her exactly what I wanted and that is not what I got. I didn't go any where to get it fixed because it was so short. There really wasn't a lot that could be done to salvage it. I wanted it short, but because my hair is so thick, it needs to be layered a little more so I don't end up with a mushroom head. LOL. I let it grow and grow and grow and grow. Last weekend, I decided it was long enough to be properly fixed. And I was tired of wearing a pony tail every single day.
Armed with my photo and Grace and Crash I headed to the salon. Here is the photo I took with me:
I love the angle to the bangs and the layering. The length is pretty similar to mine currently. I told the stylist about my horrible experience. She told me how much she would have to cut off in the back and where she would part it when she cuts it. I patiently waited for her to finish. I was soooooooo happy with the finished product. She did a fantastic job.

This isn't really a great shot or angle, but is the only pic I have right now. All I have to do is blow dry it and put a little mousse in it. I can also get out the strait iron for a more polished look. If I want a little more flip and bounce, I use the curling iron. Everyone at work said that it looked great. I am once again confident about my hair. I know it sounds silly, but I've always had a great hair cut. I feel I am really lucky to have the color of hair that I do and sooo much of it. I like trying new things. It's hair. It will grow back. If I don't like it, I try something else. Usually, if it doesn't work, I can make it work. The last cut I had was beyond workable. LOL. I swear I'm not vain. I promise.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Love it!!! Looks great, glad you had a good experience. My hair is ALWAYS the same...I like to roll out of bed and get ready in 10 minutes.

Mary said...

It's supercute! It looks like it would be so versatile too, like you described. I'm glad you've got a great haircut again. Your hair can change your whole attitude, I swear!

Katie said...

Looks great!!