Friday, May 22, 2009

Fishing with the hubs

My hubby pretty much begged me to go fishing with him. We hadn't been fishing together in 3 years. I didn't realize it had been so long. We will definitely have to go more often this year. And take the kiddos. They have a blast. We got up around 4a.m. but that wasn't early enough. We should have gotten up at 3. D didn't realize the sun rises so early now. We only had about an hour of really good fishing. When the sun came up, the wind started blowing pretty hard. We were in a john boat with a trolling motor. The wind kept blowing us every where. It was funny watching D get frustrated. A couple of times he determined that the wind wasn't blowing us around. He forgot to turn the motor off. Silly boy.

Me cheesin'. I was happy to catch a keeper.

My second keeper. A crappie.

D with his first catch.

This is bait. Hehehehe.

I think this was my very first catch. I was stoked.

Here's my baby fish. He just doesn't measure up.

A shot of the lake.

Another lake shot.

A lily pad.

I learned a couple of things on this fishing trip. While lily pads are very pretty, they are a huge pain in the rump. I caught a lot of lily pads. D calls them stick bass. Hehehehe. I was the stick bass champion. I would love to learn how to take pretty pictures. I would also love property with a lake on it. I love being on the water. It's so relaxing. Trolling motors are wimpy. LOL. We had a great time though. We caught 9 in all. We figured that would be enough to clean up and have for dinner that night. Mmmmmmmmm fish fry!!

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Very impressed that you touched the fish!