Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweet. I got an award!!!

I would like to thank all of the little people I had to step on to get here. :) JUST KIDDING!! I am super excited to get an award though. I typically don't have anything to blog about, so this is fun. It was given to me by My Husband's Watching TV and I think The Boyd Team. I love both of these blogs. These are some great girls. Seriously.

Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo in your blog
2. Write five things you are passionate about apart from blogging.
3. Tag 5 people on your lists and let them know you tagged them.

1. My husband
He is my best friend. Truly. We rely on each other for so many things. He is a rock for me. He is a steady place I know I can trust. I know that he loves me unconditionally and that he would do anything for me. He is my complete opposite, but we work. I don't even really know why, but I don't like to question it.
2. My children
I have always wanted kids. I feel I am so blessed to have three happy, healthy children. They are so smart and so full of energy. I can't stand not having them around me. It is definitely difficult to bring up a family these days, but I believe I am doing a good job. Of course, we won't know until they are adults. I will keep my fingers crossed.
3. Cooking
I love to cook. Seeing people watch my food brings me so much joy. I love coming up with new twists on old favorites. I love the process of actually chopping and dicing. I love all of it.
4. Couponing
This is a new found love for me. I used to make fun of these people. Then I realized I could get items I actually need for little or no money. Um Hello! It's a game for me to see how much I can save on toothpaste or deodorant. If I have to pay full price for something, I get sick to my stomach. LOL. If I pay over $.50 for some items I don't even consider that a good deal anymore. Hehehehe. This has helped us out financially. I don't know if we would be able to make it if I didn't do this.
5. My work
I know it sounds odd, but I do love my job. I am a preschool teacher. I teach 3 year olds. I love what I am able to do for these kids. I am making an impact on the future. I know some people don't consider me a real teacher. That's fine. I know what I do. I see the things these children learn from me. They learn things their parents aren't able to teach them because they have to work to provide for them. I'm like a substitute parent. These are basic developmental skills that every child needs to be successful. I smile knowing I am a little part of that.

I don't really know who to tag. I think everyone that reads my blog has already been tagged. :)

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My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Great passions! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.