Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random stuff early in the morning.

Well, I'm up at 1 in the morning. Again. Bummer. I have yet to find a medicine to stop my sinus drainage. I had the toughest time falling asleep tonite. I finally fell asleep and woke up an hour later choking. I just popped some Benadryl. Hopefully that will at least knock me out for a couple of hours. Oh well.
I haven't shared any pics in a while. I need to get off my lazy arse and get my camera, but I won't. Hehehe. I found this pic.

This is what happens when 16 month olds find the foil. I should have known better than to go the bathroom!! Silly me. LOL. He unrolled about 1/3 of it. As I'm trying to salvage it, he grabs on to the end and is essentially hanging there. I didn't know that foil was so tough. I'm sure he would have dropped like a rock had there been a tear in it.
My hubby went over to visit his neighbor buddy and "have a beer" (a beer usually means more than 5, LOL). The kids were very helpful tonite so I decided to reward them with ice cream. This is the conversation that starts.....
Grace: Where's D?
Me: He's over having a beer with T.
Grace: How long does it take to drink A beer?
Me: (laughing) Well, it's probably more than just A beer.
Tater: Yeah, they are going to drink 10,000 beers and be drunk in the morning.
LMAO. There really isn't anything like quality time with the kiddos. For the record, D had 1 and a half. He started wanting a smoke so he decided it was time to quit drinking. Good job, Babe!!! I know it has been rough, but I am so proud of you for making it two days. It's not much, but it is a start.
I think the Benadryl is starting to work. I'm yawning a little. Guess, I should try to squeeze in a nap before jumping back into the grind.


Katie said...

I laugh at the foil thing...oh what I have to look forward to! I hope you feel better soon!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Kids are hilarious! Glad that D is still on the no smoking wagon!