Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Top Walgreens Deals

Week of March 15
Listerine, Reach Toothbrush, Reach Dental Floss 3/$9.oo
9.00- 3.00 Manufacturer Coupon (3/15)= 3/$6.00
Receive $6.00 Register Reward to use on a future purchase

Dove Deoderant and Soap Deal
Buy 4 get $2.00 in Register Rewards, Buy 6 get $6.00 in Register Rewards, Buy 8 get $8.00 in Register Rewards
At some stores, you are able to use the single bars of soap and the trial size deoderants. Some stores are also spitting out $10.00 Rewards when you buy 8. The stores near me don't have enough for me to try this deal.

Walgreens brand diapers and training pants, Jumbo packs 2/$9.00

These are just a few of the deals I like this week. I am pretty stocked up on everything, so I'm not sure if I will hit up Wags this week. We shall see. There are many, many more deals to be had. Check them out at Slick Deals.

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