Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm not cheap. I'm frugal.

Ok. I am cheap. I just think frugal sounds nicer than cheap. I am not too proud to admit that I love shopping at thrift shops! I have no shame. I just have a hard time justify spending $20 for a pair of jeans that Tater is going to ruin the first time he wears them. I visited Goodwill and Salvation Army yesterday. I was able to find a TON of stuff and I spent very little. I was even able to find items with tags. They hadn't been worn!! Sweet. I will be going back to the Salvation Army today. I told my hubby about a buffet they have. I told him I really like the lines. It was more contemporary. It will need to be sanded down and painted. He asked how much it is: $40.oo. He yelled at me. "Why didn't you get it?!?!?" LOL. I hope they still have it this morning. Cross your fingers. I also found this salt and pepper shaker. I spent a buck on the set!

I will not buy sneakers second hand. Feet are so icky. I hate feet! Plus, I want their feet to be supported and comfy. I found a pair of Sketchers for Little D. They were $11!! You can't buy shoes at Walmart for that price!

I'm not having as much luck for Grace and Tater. I will be taking them this morning to see if we can find something. I did find some super cute boots for Grace that are $11. I didn't purchase them yesterday because I want to make sure we get the right size and I hate returning things. It can be such a hassle.
My mom gave me a new pair of shoes! She bought them on sale for $25. They were a little too big for her. Thank goodness I was blessed with large feet!! I needed a new pair of shoes. I was so excited. I do need to get arch supports for them because I have such high arches.

You should really hit up a thrift shop! You never know what you will find!


Boyd Team said...

I love the S&P shakers. Hubby and I are going to the Flea market this weekend to see what we can find. I love browsing through and shopping for deals. I also can't wait for Yard Sale season! Woohoo!

Are you a member on Hot Coupon World?

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

OMG! Girl...I'm cheap and I'll admit it! Love the New Balance-they are my FAVE!!!