Monday, March 9, 2009

I am the procrastinator.

I really need to be looking for fabric for my curtains. There are just way too many choices. I am wanting to do a fabric that is mostly white with accents of black or even a dark gray. I want kind of an abstract print or mod print. If I can narrow down some choices, I will post them for ya. I took some pictures of my living room and kitchen. I'm not gonna show ya the kitchen pics yet. It occurred to me that I didn't clean the kitchen up before I took the photos. Sheesh. I'm lazy. I didn't get any before pictures of the floor. My husband started working on them before I could do that.

Entry way before paint

Living room corner before paint (my house isn't really that messy. Everything was pulled out to paint.)

Living room after paint and floor and new furniture

New floor in the living room.

Dining room showing the burgundy accent color.

Tile in the kitchen and dining room

We still need to get new blinds. The brown ones really don't go with the gray. We will do new light fixtures next year. We went a little over budget with everything we did, so we are stuck with the ugly brass ones for a while longer. We also have new trim coming. I think we will pick it up next weekend. We are just about finished with this portion of our remodeling. Thank goodness!!!