Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm not cheap. I'm frugal.

Ok. I am cheap. I just think frugal sounds nicer than cheap. I am not too proud to admit that I love shopping at thrift shops! I have no shame. I just have a hard time justify spending $20 for a pair of jeans that Tater is going to ruin the first time he wears them. I visited Goodwill and Salvation Army yesterday. I was able to find a TON of stuff and I spent very little. I was even able to find items with tags. They hadn't been worn!! Sweet. I will be going back to the Salvation Army today. I told my hubby about a buffet they have. I told him I really like the lines. It was more contemporary. It will need to be sanded down and painted. He asked how much it is: $40.oo. He yelled at me. "Why didn't you get it?!?!?" LOL. I hope they still have it this morning. Cross your fingers. I also found this salt and pepper shaker. I spent a buck on the set!

I will not buy sneakers second hand. Feet are so icky. I hate feet! Plus, I want their feet to be supported and comfy. I found a pair of Sketchers for Little D. They were $11!! You can't buy shoes at Walmart for that price!

I'm not having as much luck for Grace and Tater. I will be taking them this morning to see if we can find something. I did find some super cute boots for Grace that are $11. I didn't purchase them yesterday because I want to make sure we get the right size and I hate returning things. It can be such a hassle.
My mom gave me a new pair of shoes! She bought them on sale for $25. They were a little too big for her. Thank goodness I was blessed with large feet!! I needed a new pair of shoes. I was so excited. I do need to get arch supports for them because I have such high arches.

You should really hit up a thrift shop! You never know what you will find!


I love the Redbox! They are located everywhere. You can return them at ANY location. What's not to love? I have been trying to post free codes. The Monday codes you can actually get sent right to your cell phone!! All you have to do is sign up on their website for the option. I have been finding the Wednesday codes on Redblog. The Wednesday codes were only for the month of March.
The free codes are good for one rental per card used. If you have more than one credit or debit card, then you can get more rentals!! If you have any questions about using the codes, feel free to ask! I might be able to help.


Ok, so I swear I'm not a bad furmom. I was just lazy. LOL. I haven't been on our desktop in ages. We have been using the laptop and there is no way to load the pics onto that computer. are just a few. I will take more in the coming days. The kids LOVE her. Little D has a buddy now when his brother and sister go to their dad's. Grace and Tater think she is awesome. Lady is a great dog. She is so sweet and calm. She is taking a little time for to warm up, but she's been through a lot in the past couple of weeks. It's to be expected.

This is Little D and Lady spying out the window. They watch Grace and Tater get on the bus. They turned around before I could get them with their noses at the window. It is really cute!

She was tired of me taking her picture.

I put that red sheet on the couch becase I don't want her to get the couch all dirty. It's new. I could just tell her not to get on the couch but I can't! She is just too cute.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Redbox Code

Today's free Redbox code is MMM325. The code expires at midnight.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Free Redbox Movie Code

I happen to love the Redbox. It is so quick and convenient. Here is a code that is good at any Redbox location. It is good for Wednesday only and expires at midnight. Make sure to return it before 9 pm tomorrow or you will get charged. If you have more than one debit or credit card, than you can use the code multiple times.


Monday, March 16, 2009

A new family member!!

We rescued a dog today!! She is so perfect. She is about 4 years old and she is a beagle/golden retriever mix. She loves the kids. She hasn't even barked since we have been home. I will share some pics as soon as I get my lazy booty up.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New and Improved

I'm going to attempt to start new features on my blog. Things are starting to settle down for us and my nerves aren't as crazy as they were. Thank you, doc. Yes, I take happy pills. Well, I don't know if they are happy pills or not, but they are helping me somewhat. My doc put me on Celexa for my anxiety. I am thinking my dose will have to be upped a little. I go back in May. He also put me on a higher dosage of Synthroid. He moved me up 4 dosages. My TSH was high. I don't know the exact teriminology for this stuff. You think I would by now. Basically, I don't have enough of the thyroid hormone in my body. This explains SO many things I have been experiencing. I am hoping that changing this dose will improve those things.
I guess I could explain what is wrong with me. Might help. Duh! Five years ago it was revealed through bloodwork that I had an overactive thyroid which is called hyperthyroidism. I believe it is also called Grave's Disease. My doc put me on medicine to help regulate it. Due to some other issues, the meds were not working. They can also be toxic over time. Awesome! My doc told me that another course of action was necessary: surgery or ingesting radioactive iodine. Surgery is very risky and hardly ever done any more to remove the thyroid unless it is cancerous. Radioactive iodine it is then. This stuff is dangerous apparently. I had to live in my basement for a week. My kids had to leave the house for that time also so they would not be contaminated. I had to scrub the toilet, sink and shower any time I used them. I had to wash out the washer and dryer too. I was not allowed to cook for three weeks. And I ate this stuff!!! Anywho, the iodine worked and it caused my thyroid to die off. Now I have hypothyroidism and take artificial thyroid hormone to keep my body normal. It's actually very common. Common enough that a lot of insurance companies don't even consider it a pre-existing condition. The biggest annoyance is that I have to drink a whole glass of water with my pill right when I get up and I can't eat for an hour. Blah. Oh well. It could be a lot worse.
I have to have my blood drawn every 4-6 months to make sure I am getting the proper amount of the hormone. The docs also said that my chance for thyroid cancer is a little higher than people with normal thyroids. That stinks, but there really isn't much I can do about that. Seems to me these days everyone is at risk for cancer. If you open the door with your left hand and eat off a white plate, you probably are at risk from cancer.

My Top Walgreens Deals

Week of March 15
Listerine, Reach Toothbrush, Reach Dental Floss 3/$9.oo
9.00- 3.00 Manufacturer Coupon (3/15)= 3/$6.00
Receive $6.00 Register Reward to use on a future purchase

Dove Deoderant and Soap Deal
Buy 4 get $2.00 in Register Rewards, Buy 6 get $6.00 in Register Rewards, Buy 8 get $8.00 in Register Rewards
At some stores, you are able to use the single bars of soap and the trial size deoderants. Some stores are also spitting out $10.00 Rewards when you buy 8. The stores near me don't have enough for me to try this deal.

Walgreens brand diapers and training pants, Jumbo packs 2/$9.00

These are just a few of the deals I like this week. I am pretty stocked up on everything, so I'm not sure if I will hit up Wags this week. We shall see. There are many, many more deals to be had. Check them out at Slick Deals.

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

Cheesy Mac n Cheese bake

Grilled Chicken Salad




Omlettes and hashbrowns

Monday, March 9, 2009

I am the procrastinator.

I really need to be looking for fabric for my curtains. There are just way too many choices. I am wanting to do a fabric that is mostly white with accents of black or even a dark gray. I want kind of an abstract print or mod print. If I can narrow down some choices, I will post them for ya. I took some pictures of my living room and kitchen. I'm not gonna show ya the kitchen pics yet. It occurred to me that I didn't clean the kitchen up before I took the photos. Sheesh. I'm lazy. I didn't get any before pictures of the floor. My husband started working on them before I could do that.

Entry way before paint

Living room corner before paint (my house isn't really that messy. Everything was pulled out to paint.)

Living room after paint and floor and new furniture

New floor in the living room.

Dining room showing the burgundy accent color.

Tile in the kitchen and dining room

We still need to get new blinds. The brown ones really don't go with the gray. We will do new light fixtures next year. We went a little over budget with everything we did, so we are stuck with the ugly brass ones for a while longer. We also have new trim coming. I think we will pick it up next weekend. We are just about finished with this portion of our remodeling. Thank goodness!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I, for one, do not like change

Well, some change is good, but most of it is bad. I love the change that my house has undergone. I need to get some pictures up. I have just been way too lazy. We are trying to get back into the swing of things currently. We put new flooring down in the kitchen, dining and living rooms. We also got new furniture for the living room. Oh and new appliances for the kitchen. I'm still trying to get everything cleaned up, but it is taking some time.
The change I don't like is about ready to tear me apart. I don't really want to talk about it now. It is in regards to my husband's job. I tried writing a blog about it, but every thing came out jumbled and incoherent. I will take some time to pray tonite and think and hopefully I will have some answers. I will share it with you all once I have had some time to cool off and settle down.
I had some other stuff I was going to blog about today, but it slips my mind now. Bummer. I will hopefully remember and post later!!!