Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well poop

No, that wasn't a command. I'm trying not to curse, so I used poop instead of the alternative. My hubby talked to his step-dad today about flooring. My hubby was set on doing the stairs in ceramic. I told him that was dumb. I know, very mature and very eloquent. Me in a nutshell. His step-dad told him ceramic on stairs is difficult to do because the wood flexes and this causes the tiles to crack. D doesn't want to put the laminate on the stairs because the edges are expensive. His step-dad says that hardwood is best for the stairs. Well I want caviar on a tuna fish budget. It would appear that once again I got my hopes up for no darn reason. D thinks we should put down carpet. Hooray. I love carpet. It's so easy to clean especially when certain people don't eat at the table. EVER. I love carpet as much as I love__________________. Oh, there are so many inappropriate things that fit here. Hehehe.
Well, I guess I'm gonna go scope out carpet. Maybe I will just tell D to do it by himself. I don't want to shop any more. Poop.

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Katie said...

That's strange. My in-laws put tile on their stairs and did not have a problem with cracking. They put it one the part of the stair that goes up and the part that you step on was carpet. Maybe that had something to do with it...