Thursday, February 5, 2009


I had a mini-stroke this morning. I flipped out because I hear my hubby walk into the bedroom. He has been getting home later so I naturally assumed: D is home. I'm not awake. I'm running late for work!! No, not so. He just got home early. He surprised me with a rose and a coffee for our 2 month wedding anniversary. I somehow managed to smack my face on the coffee cup. I'm a genius!!
He also said that he thinks he is able to give me what I want. Get your minds out of the gutter. He found a place to get laminate, including the stair pieces, for very cheap. I hope we like it. I didn't want carpet, as mentioned in my previous post.
I wanted to share with you my most recent Walgreen's savings tally.
Value of merchandise purchased: 307.81
Actual amount spent: 139.73
I have stock piled enough deodorant, toothpaste, mouth wash and hair product to last us until the end of the year. I have enough peanut butter and dish soap to last at least 4 months. I have enough cereal to last 2 months (we go through a box a week). I also purchased about 2 months worth of diapers for Little D. I'm pretty excited.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Holy moly!?! That's one heck of a savings...and what a great hub!?!

Katie said...

I'm glad you can get the flooring you want!! What great deals you are getting shopping!

Trisha said...

Awww, how sweet of your hubby! :)

I can't believe it has been two months already.