Saturday, February 7, 2009

Grocery shopping

After my doc appointment yesterday, I decided to torture Little D some more and not return home. We were going to go grocery shopping.
A little background: Before I go shopping, I scope out the stores that have the items I need at the best price. Generally, Aldi has the best prices on everything. There are some things I cannot get there such as black beans or special pastas like fettuccine.
Back to the story.
Schnucks and Shop N Save usually don't have anything I purchase on sale, except for this week and last week. Schnucks is really cranking out the deals. They had their chicken on sale and their cheese. It caused me to go over budget for the week, but I paid great prices. This week they had lettuce and eggs on sale 10 for $10. Sweet. Aldi had a couple of deals: baby carrots $.49 and 3 lbs Red Delicious apples $.99. I bought four bags of carrots and three bags of apples. The carrots will actually keep pretty well for a couple of weeks. The apples aren't too bad in the crisper drawer either.
I decided to buy for two weeks. I know that I will have to probably grab milk and bananas, but that's ok. My grocery budget is $60 a week. I went over last week by $30, but I was under by $15 the week before. I was setting my shopping trip budget at just $90. I couild have set it at $105, but I wanted to challenge myself. I'm a glutton for punishment. I DID IT!!!!!! Well, almost. I was over by two bucks, but that's still good. I think.
Oh!! I made the tilapia last night. My hubby loved it. He was worried about reheating it at work and it getting nasty. He sent me a text from work letting me know that it was great and everyone was jealous. Apparently, my cooking is getting to be popular. LOL. D doesn't actually share. He just makes sure everyone can smel it. Jerk!!!
I'm going to be adventerous and make a lighter version of shrimp scampi in a couple of weeks. I'm crossing my fingers.
I'll leave you with a pic of Little D cheesin for the camera. He has a new fake smile. LOL. I have a few pics from Christmas that I will put up randomly since I didn't do a pic post.
I can't wait to buy a grown up camera AND learn how to use it properly. I'm tired of pictures looking like crud. Sigh. In time. First, I have to figure out what darn camera to get!!! The paint took me two years to pick out so I am figuring it will take me a good three years to decide on a camera.


Katie said...

Yay for shopping bargains! I'm glad you liked the tilapia. Isn't it super easy to cook?!

That's an adorable picture too!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I wish I was as dedicated as you with a budget! Maybe when we have kids, I'll HAVE to be.