Friday, January 16, 2009

Painting the house

I am so terrified. I know. It's just paint. How in the world could this be scary??? Well, that is simple. I'm a neurotic freak. That's how! D decided the other day that we are going to paint the living room this weekend. He also decided that we will finish our home improvements by March 15. Say what? Darn it. That doesn't give me much time to change my mind on anything. Crap. Our living room, dining room and kitchen are all pretty much connected. Plus the entry and the hall. We are talking a lot of wall to paint here. Seriously. I pulled the colors I think we are going to use. Assuming I don't change my mind again. The colors are from Sherwin Williams. We will find similar colors at Home Depot (gift cards, sweet). They really do not look like this in person. They always say that colors on the monitor are not the same. Boy, were they right.

Living room, dovetail gray

Kitchen, Burgundy

Upper Bathroom, Composed (ironic, eh?)

Master Bedroom, Chinchilla

Living room
Some people might shriek when I say gray for the living, especially one that is a little darker. We have high ceilings and a lot of light comes in. I'm afraid that if we go a shade lighter it will wash out. I love the coolness of the gray and the versatility. I will be able to change the curtains, throw pillows, art, etc. I have many many options that I can go with. We had originally thought we would go with a brown, but I find that color a little too depressing. I hear eyes rolling. "How is gray not depressing?" Well, I happen to LOVE cloudy days, so gray won't be terrible.

The Burgundy color on the card has a little bit more of a blue in it. The sample I pulled almost looks more like a brick red. Burgundy was the closest I could get to purple with D's approval. This color will only go three walls and there isn't actually a lot of surface area. I'm not afraid of it being too dark. I think it flows with the gray fairly well.

I LOVE the color for the bathroom. D wanted something green. I wanted something blue or gray. I think this is a very good compromise. I think this color will be fairly versatile also.

The color for the bedroom is an odd color. D wanted something dark, like a brown. I really couldn't commit to brown. Plus, we have this gorgeous picture that I love and the brown tones do not go with it well. The color we decided on has a nice combination of gray and brown. The pic I pulled doesn't show that little hint of brown.

I think the general flow of the colors is pretty decent. There is nothing too out of place or shocking. I am crossing my fingers.


Trisha said...

I like the colors you have picked.

SO, where will the PURPLE mix in to all this??? =D

Mary said...

I love gray paint! We painted our living room a pretty dark shade of gray/green. Like you, we have a lot of light, so I'm not worried about the dark color. You'll have to post some pictuers when you're finsihed. I hate painting, so I hope it goes quickly for you.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

When Matt and I first started dating, I asked him what he thought of my house. His response, "It's nice but I don't know why they picked to paint the walls red." Awkward silence then my response, "Um...I was the one that picked the red..."