Sunday, January 11, 2009

My little trip to Walgreens.

I have been on several blogs lately that have rundowns of fabulous deals at Walgreen's, such as The Boyd Team and Be Centsable. I decided I would give this a try. I only bought a few items because I was incredibly nervous about this. Don't ask me why. I'm a little loco. I get nervous over the most ridiculous things. Seriously. I was going to take a picture of my deals, but I was too excited about this to do that.

Newspaper $1.50

Garnier Fructis Styling product $3.99
- $2.00 from Easy Saver
- $1.00 Manufacturer coupon
Total Price for item= $.99

Glue $.99

Aquafresh Tooth paste on sale $2.99
- $2.00 from Easy saver
Total Price for item = $.99

Mitchum Clear Deoderant $3.99
-$2.00 Walgreen's Ad Coupon
-$1.00 printable coupon
Total Price for item= $.99

Total out of pocket= $5.83
Total saved= $8.80

If I would have acted more quickly, I could have gotten the Fructis Style product for free. It was on sale last week. I figure $.99 for styling product is a good deal though. This is good for the entire month.
There are coupons out for the Aquafresh. I believe it is $.75 off. I ordered some off Ebay. Hopefully, they will be shipped quickly. I will hit up a few stores and hopefully will only pay $.24 for toothpaste ($.40 with the price of the coupons). Sweet deal. I mean, we obviously NEED toothpaste.
The printable coupon for the deoderant would not print from FireFox. I had to switch over to IE to get that. I was able to print off 2 women's and 2 men's. I'm going to try hooking up the lap top to print off more. I'm not sure if it will work or not. I figure it is worth a shot. If it doesn't work, there are coupons for sale on Ebay. With the coupon, I would be paying $1.24 for the deoderant. Not awful at all.
I am so excited about my new found addiction. Saving money is awesome.

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My Husband's Watching TV... said...

If your New Year's resolution was to save money, you are doing a great job! How does the Ebay coupon thing work? I'm going to have to go play around with that today. Happy Monday!