Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well, hello there. Like, seriously, I haven't blogged in 4ever. Not really sure where the valley girl came from. Probably, my ditsy daughter. I'm not being mean. She is a ditz. Or maybe that is just how all little girls sound. Don't get me wrong: she's very bright, but she is a blonde. LOL. I kid, I kid. Anywho.....not a lot has gone on since I last posted. I think I will do a random post tonite, as it is late. I will have photos in the next few days....or weeks. ;)

-- Update on my fantasy football teams: I won in one league. It was a squeaker. The next round is against the guy in first. His team is going to kill me! Oh well, at least I made it that far. In the other league, I pretty much had my booty handed to me. I have one more week of torture against the same guy. I bet he's enjoying this.

-- Oh yeah!! I'm married!! We are finally hitchified. If you know anything about a marriage at the Justice of the Peace, you know that it is short and sweet. Just the way I like it. Plus, we saved a TON of money. I will have another post about this day.

-- Our work concert was last night. We had a fairly good turn out. The kids did a great job. Nothing beats wathching a bunch of youngsters on a stage hamming it up.

-- Tater's concert was tonite. It was very cute also. I hope that the pics turn out. We will see.

-- A parent of one of our children passed away. That was very hard news to take. This will also have it's own post, it rightly deserves it. I, obviously, will not reveal any names, just offer some thoughts. I pray for the family.

-- Remains of a child were found near the Anthony home near Orlando, FL. I hope they hurry up the results of the DNA so we can finally put that sweet little Caylee to rest. This will also have it's own post.

-- I'm gonna be an aunt again!!! My little bro and his wife are expecting their first child. I'm so happy for the both of them.

-- I finished shopping for the kiddos. I keep saying every year that I am going to get a head start and I never do. Maybe next year. LMAO!! Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.

-- I secretly want it to snow. I know so many people hate the snow, but I LOVE it. I don't know why really. I think I was a polar bear or something in another life.

I believe that is it for randomness. I will upload pics soon and hopefully have more posts. I know you are anxioulsy waiting. I will leave you with this little incident that happened yesterday.
Tater: I don't like this top (the spinning kind). It won't spin enough.
Me: Is it a top or a bottom?
Tater: It's a top.
Me: Bottom is the opposite of top, remember?
Tater: No, TOP is the opposite of BOTTOM.
Me: Oh, that makes much more sense. So, you don't like your little top? What about big bottoms? (I realized after the fact, that doesn't sound right, but I was going with the opposites thing.)
Tater: Who has a big bottom?
Me: Well, I do, I guess. It's huge.
Grace comes over and wraps her arms around me.
Grace: Don't say that, Mommy. You shouldn't say things like that. You have perfectly sized bottom. It's not too big.

LOL. Seriously, I need to carry a tape recorder to catch all the silly stuff they say. I know kids aren't for some people, but I dunno what I would do without mine. I love those little knuckleheads.

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LOVE the random post!