Saturday, December 20, 2008

Target shopping online

My kids received a Christmas present early from my parents. They each got a Target gift card. Of course, they want to spend it immediately. Duh. I told them we would look on-line to see if they had any free shipping deals. Well, they did on clothes but not toys. Thank goodness Grace is getting older so buying clothes is the "cool" thing to do now. Little D needs clothes and really doesn't play with his toys. If you don't know anything about toys know this, infants and toddlers LOVE the boxes the toys come in more than the actual toy. Seriously. He plays more with his books than anything else. Tater has quite a few clothes that were given to us so it is harder to convince him to spend his card on clothes. A word to the wise, never leave the computer unattended when you are ordering items online. If you do, be sure to double check your order. Apparently Little D decided that his sister needed 2 of the same shirts. I was a moron and didn't double check my order until I received the confirmation email. Its just as well, without that extra shirt, I wouldn't have had $50 to qualify for free shipping. I have a niece who wears the same size as Grace, so she will be getting the extra. I was able to find shorts for Little D for next summer. They were only $2.99 each. Sweet!!! Then I wondered if I could find some sort of online promo code. I just Googled "Target promo code". Several coupon sites came up. The best deal I found was save $7.00 when you spend $70.oo. I clicked the link which directed me to the Target site. Luckily all of my items were saved in my shopping cart. I was able to get the $7.00 off plus free shipping on the clothing. Let's not forget, a gift for my niece!. I was very pleased.

1Tech Deck Street Spots - Hubba Hideout" Spin Master Toys; Toy; $12.99
1 Cherokee True White Toddler Boys S/S Polo with Back Art - 2T" Apparel; $1.74
1 Cherokee Hill Country Green Toddler Boys' Solid Woven Short - 2T" Apparel; $2.99
1 Cherokee Moss Olive Toddler Boys' Solid Woven Short - 2T" Apparel; $2.99
1 Cherokee Classic Blue Stone Toddler Boys' Denim Short - 2T" Apparel; $2.99
1 Cherokee Dirty Dark Stone Toddler Boys' Denim Short - 2T" Apparel; $2.99
1 Circo TB Harvey Plaid Skate Brn 6.5" Apparel; $7.49
1 Xhilaration Brn Girls Fatima MJ Wedge - 4.5" Apparel; $8.49
1 Circo Medium Wash Girls' Denim Jean - 12" Apparel; $9.99
2 Xhilaration Spanish Brown Girls' Pintuck Knit Top - L" Apparel; $11.99
1 Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 Dart Blaster" Hasbro; Toy; $15.99
Subtotal of Items:
Shipping & Handling:
Promotion Applied:
Free Shipping:
Shipping Savings:

Total before tax:
Estimated Tax:
Total spent: 91.39 on gift cards, nothing out of pocket. That's not too shabby. I can't complain. I do wish that I could get Tater to appreciate the value of a buck. He is still young though. I will keep working on him. Sigh.

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