Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm getting married Friday!! Ahhh!!! I have been a bad, bad blogger. I have lots of excuses, none of which you want to hear. I will give a brief run down of what's been going on.
----got the marriage license
----made three birthday cakes in three weeks. I'm tired of cake
---- Grace started the flu bug
---- D got sick on Thanksgiving
---- Little D also got sick
---- Tater Tot got sick, but he was at his dad's
---- I was sick Saturday night/Sunday morning
---- caught awesome deals online since I was up with my sick son
---- cleaning the house for the mini reception on Friday
---- my mom had knee surgery and everything went well
---- Tater Tot swears he is growing arm pit hair (he's 5)
---- Grace didn't know that Waffle House serves waffles (her argument is that it's not really a hosue)
---- Little D is the meanest one year old EVER (seriously, very violent)
---- one year old + birthday cake= biggest mess ever
Well, I know it was a weak post, but I'm still drained from being sick and cleaning. I will stop being a baby now!!! I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day and I shall post again in the near future.


Trisha said...

Best Wishes on Friday. I hope everything goes well! :)

Angie said...

Best of luck on Friday! Congrats!

Nicole said...

Wow, you have really been busy! Good luck with everything and enjoy every minute!!!!