Sunday, October 5, 2008

Herky Fire Engine Rally

Last Saturday, we attended the annual Herculaneum Fire Engine Rally. The best thing about this: it is free!!! And food and drinks are super cheap 'cuz that's how they do it in the country. D, Little D and I met my exhusband A, his fiancee A, Grace and Tater Tot. (Yes, my ex and I have been known to hang out. I know it is weird, but that is for another post.) Grace did not want to go. "There is nothing to do there." The beginnings of a teenage drama queen. I can't wait for puberty.

D, Grace, Tater and A at one of the helicopters. I think it might be the AirEvac. I can't remember for sure.
Tater and Grace inside an ambulance. Grace was trying hard not to smile.
This is the second AirEvac helicopter coming in.
Grace and Little D. Yes, she really loves him that much. She's a great big sister.
Grace, Tater and Little D. They are my world. I would be lost without them.
This is a Hotwheels/Matchbox town someone built. There are a ton of mini houses and what not. He made it on a sheet of plywood. Tater was in love with it.

D's favorite part of the tiny village.
I call this the Hillbilly cop car or the wagon. D thought it was cool. I think it looks like a station wagon cop car.
This shot isn't so bad.
The kids played a few of the little games. They also went into the "Smoke House". Tater really enjoyed that. He actually paid attention. He was telling me things I was doing wrong at home. It was pretty cute.

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