Sunday, October 26, 2008

Drum roll please.

Ok, so I can finally blab about my announcement. It really isn't that exciting, well not for you guys. D and I have made a huge decision. We are canceling our wedding. We just aren't getting along. We decided it was best to call it off...................I'm just playing with ya. Sort of. We have decided to nix the big wedding. We are just going to elope. And we are going to do it in December!!! December 5th I will be marrying my best friend and I am so excited. That is actually the one year anniversary of our engagement.
D and I decided that a big wedding is just not for us. I do not like wearing a dress. I do not like being the center of attention. I can think of a better way to spend all of that money. We haven't decided if we are going to have a big reception or not in April. We have a little time to decide. It just depends on how the money is at the time.
Since we have come to this decision, I feel like a million bucks. I feel like all of this weight is off my shoulders. It's a great feeling. It is one less stress in my life.
Ok, well, now you all know!!!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I had a friend that eloped and she said it was the best idea ever. As it got closer with mine, I thought it was a great idea too! So where are you eloping too? Vegas? The beach? Locally? A small ceremony or something at one of the beautiful parks around here would be awesome...wait-December, cold...nix that!

Yes, it was scary to jump at Rick's but I'm glad I did it. Even though I told Matt I wanted to jump first, I tell the story like this, "Yes I jumped! I had to go first so Matt wouldn't be scared." He just laughs and still loves me!

Amanda, Mandy, Manda, Tomato said...

How exciting! Where are you guys gonna do it?

Cecilia said...

We are going completely no frills. We are going to the court house. Not very romantic, but very economical!!! LOL. We are ready to be man and wife. We will probably use the money we would have spent on a wedding to take the kiddos on a vacation. NOW that is money well spent.

Katie said...

Good for you! And you are right, all that money is better spent elsewhere!! :)