Saturday, October 11, 2008


Last night, we had a psychic party at work. Yes, it is probably mosly just hokey, but it is still fun. This was my fourth reading with this woman. She has been amazingly accurate in the past. And this isn't one of those readings where she throws out there very broad ideas and some hit and some miss. She's point blank and includes details. I'm not sure how a lot of psychics work. This woman mostly reads cards, but she also just "sees" things. When she is finished going through the cards, you are able to ask her three questions.
Question #1: How is my health going to be?
Answer: I see a lot of medical tests. You are going to have some issues.
Notes: This woman will not flat out tell you, "You are going to die tomorrow." But, she will say things like, ".....but everything will be ok." She didn't say that for me. Poop. Obviously, this woman doesn't know me or anything about me. There is no way for her to know that I have had to worry about skin cancer since the age of 12. She doesn't know that I have a few spots that need to be biopsied. She can't possibly know about my thyroid problem. She doesn't know that I have some other gastro problems that are not diagnosed. No one knew....until now. Kicker is, I don't have insurance. I's my fault. I should have gotten a job with insurance, blah, blah, blah. I've tried and been looking. If I suck it up and go to the doc now, they may find something. If they should find something, then it would be pre-existing and most likely wouldn't be covered when I do get insurance. Finding a job that will give me the hours I need or pay me enough is just impossible. Daycare for an infant full time is $200/week. Ouch. No way. Luckily, D works opposite from me, so he watches Little D while I work and vice versa. What a fine mess I got myelf into. I'm not looking for sympathy or to be looked down on. I'm not inferior because I don't have medical insurance. My children have ALWAYS had great insurance and that's what is most important.
I was a little freaked out after my reading. Facing reality sucks. Reality is, I have medical issues. Nothing major, yet, that I know of, but that is life. The thought of something more serious is scary. I know I'm jumping the ship, but that's just how my brain works. One of the last biopsies I had was pre-cancerous. He said if I would have waited a few more months, we would have had a bigger problem. Oh well. I will stop self loathing.
Question #2: I'm not going to share this one. Sorry. It's about a family member who is not doing well. He's way too young to have these problems and that scares me too.
Question #3: We are having a ton of money problems. Are we ever going to actually get married?
Answer: Yes. I see something with a four on it. Four days, four weeks, four months......or April. When are you planning to have this wedding?
Me: April
So....that was good! I know I shouldn't let it get to me, because it is just "for fun". But I'm a big baby. LOL.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Hi! This is Alyssa, the bride on Kristal's blog...who was it that went to the wedding???

Jessica said...

I think I know which psychic you've seen. Would her name be Samantha?


Cecilia said...

Yes Jessica!!!! It is Samantha. Have you seen her??

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I see! It is a small world!!! I love Angie, we are sorority sisters from way back. I've only met Aaron a couple of times but he seems like a great guy!