Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wedding shoes

I have been on the hunt for some purple wedding shoes. I am trying to find a pair that I can possibly wear again. The heel cannot be too high and of course they cannot be super expensive.

These are a few that I like. Some of them are a littly wacky, but I like fun shoes.

I also found some sweet shoes that a "Lady of the Night" may where. No offense to whomever may shake their money maker for a living.

My daughter found a pair of boots that she liked!!

I told her HELL NO!!!.
Grace: Why can't I have them?
Me: Those are not appropriate.
Grace: Why not? I like them.
Me: They are hooker boots!!!
Grace: Well, when I am 18 I can buy whatever I want.
Me: Not in my house.
Grace: You are so mean!!

LMAO! I know I shouldn't have called them hooker boots. That's not exactly appropriate language for an 8 year old. Thank goodness she didn't ask me what a hooker is!!


Beckie said...

I really like the first pair. They would go great with a black dress.

Mary said...

I love the last pair before the "lady of the night" series. I think you could definitely wear them again.

Maria said...

I'm with Mary...love the last pair in the first group of shoes.

Red said...

I like the first and fifth pairs. The fifth is definitely my favorite though.