Friday, July 18, 2008

Pissy Pants

One of my brazilliant coworkers wrote this "letter" to a parent. We of course are not going to give her the letter. She was venting her frustrations. She is my afternoon counterpart, so I deal with the same mess she does. This letter stems from a child who has proven to be damn near impossible to potty train. I have NEVER had so much difficulty getting a child to use the damn potty.

Dear Parent,

I am sick and tired of dealing with you child pissing all over my floors. I am NOT an f*ing janitor. After much consideration, I have decided to make better use of my time and put him in pull-ups or diapers. We, the teachers, have escorted your child to the bathroom and waited for him to go---only to have puddles of piss 10 minutes later. We want to know exactly what in the hell you are doing to help us in this process. Also, please send the denim shorts, girl's gingham pants and blankets back. We are a preschool- not a free clothing store!

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Maria said...

That pee and poo set is hilarious!!