Sunday, July 13, 2008

Money talks

This is me tonite on this the most depressing day in St. Louis history. In-Bev bought out A-B. Booh. I used to be a Bud Light fan. I now find myself lost in the beer world. I WILL NOT purchase another Bud Light in my lifetime. Yes, a bold statement, but I have principles. I cannot be bought out. I have no clue what beer I will be drinking in the future. I suppose this just gives me a great reason to be drinking in the coming weeks. I HAVE to drink to find one I like. Man, I can rationalize anything. No, I'm not an alcoholic. I just like the taste of beer.
I hear so many different stories. A-B had to sell because they were losing money, cutting jobs, etc. On the other side, I have heard experts say a lot of jobs will be cut even with In-Bev buying them out. I seem to recall something similar when TWA was taken over.
I do have a couple of Bud Lights left. If it weren't so late, I would drink one and savor what was once a great part of St. Louis tradition. Yeah, a little cheesy, but don't mess with a bitches brew!!!


Thoughts Anonymously said...

Hoenstly, I understand your anger, but let's try ad make sense of it. AB was bought out because they never took their brand global to make it large enough to avoid a buy out by a company like In-Bev. Thankfully, In-Bev is keeping the North American headquarters in St. Louis, so if you boycott Bud Light and the North American sales go down...guess what happens. Jobs are going to get lost by people in St. Louis and a possible shut down of a brewery in St. Louis.

Support your local St. Louisians and help them keep their jobs by drinking AB!!

Cecilia said...

Alas, I will still support my hometown. That blog was written in a fit of anger. After much thought and consumption of other alcoholic beverages, my heart lies with St. Louis. Nothing can compare.