Saturday, June 14, 2008

Walmart is the Evil Empire

Yes, we all know how terrible Walmart is: treatment of employees, business practices, etc. I'm talking about a store in general. This tirade is fueled by the fact that the store decided they weren't going to carry Cheese Nips anymore. I LOVE my Cheese Nips. It is the only junk food that I will allow myself to have. Those rat bastards get rid of them and bring in even more boxes of the nastiness that is Cheezits. Ew. I despise those things. Let us not forget the biggest reason we hate this store: overcrowded. People from miles and miles away come to this Walmart. I want to get in and get out ASAP. People are so rude and inconsiderate.

  • They leave their carts in the middle of the aisle. If you even THINK about moving it, they yell at you.

  • They cut you off with their shopping carts. Congradulations. You pulled your cart full of processed junk in front of mine. You just might be on your way to a trailer park 500 championship. BTW, how do you plan on chewing that spam with one tooth?

  • They can't count. The sign clearly says 12 items or fewer. It doesn't mean you can have twelve of each item. Of course, you probably don't know how to count that high in the first place.

  • They can't pay their bill. "It was how much? Oh well then, I'll put this her lettuce and milk bag. Keep the smokes and the beer. Thems very importadent."

Walmart tirade finished.

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mxq said...

i love it- i hate that place! i love how your Barbie has dirty footprints behind her!